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Jean Lew

"I wasn't much of an exercise person but took up training to get into the desired shape for my wedding. I started training with Nick Tan, who pushed and encouraged me 3 times a week, 1.5hrs each session. We spent 30mins stretching my very sore and tight muscles and after making changes to my diet, the results really started to show. I honestly cannot do without working out now, it has changed and inspired me to keep working on my health and fitness.
Nick has been awesome and instrumental in my fitness journey, planning my diet, dispelling misconceptions and shaping my lifestyle for the better. Here's to healthier years ahead 💪🏼"

Anya Chua

"I came across Nick through a friend. At our first trial, I found him passionate and knowledgeable, hence, decided to go with my gut feel and signed up. He customised a training program based on the goals we discussed and sessions were tweaked according to my fitness condition. Under his guidance, not only did I managed to lose the 10kg I've been trying to lose for a long time, but I also gained an interest in working out at least 3 - 4 times a week. My result still stands to date! If you wish to lose weight in a gradual manner without rebound, or tone up, build muscles, and simply gain knowledge in fitness, I highly recommend Nick.

Yeoh Kai Ying

"After an overseas trip last year, I gained alot of weight and felt it was time to change my lifestyle. As someone who does not enjoy exercising, I needed the motivation to lose weight and be disciplined about regular exercise and healthy eating.I came across Nick on a Facebook group, went for a trial and decided to give personal training a try. Having a trainer implement a set schedule has helped me become accountable to my health, and committed to regular exercise.Nick took time to understand my health concerns and fitness goals. At the start, the sets were arduous for unfit me. Nick guided & motivated me, catering to my fitness level and adjusting the difficulty & intensity as I progressed. The sessions were challenging, he pushes me to go out of my comfort zone and I feel a great sense of achievement whenever I accomplish a set I wasn’t able to do before.A year on, I'm confident to say I am fitter than before. I pay more attention to my exercise regime and diet. Besides regular sessions, I'm motivated to work out by myself, which I used to hate so much.I will definitely recommend Nick to anyone who need a push, guidance and motivation in achieving their fitness goals."


"Nick is an excellent trainer. Understands the science and can communicate clearly and motivates you well."

Sheena Lim

I appreciate that Nick understands my needs and he works closely to help achieve my weight loss goals. Despite the short training time with him, I have seen results in losing some measurements. Nick has also offered other alternatives besides losing weight - ie. massage for pain management which I find it useful.

Edward Lee

Nick is a fantastic trainer. He pushes me without getting me hurt. I'm stronger than I've ever been before.

Dr Paul Englert

"Nick Tan - One of the best. He gave me a lot of time 1-1. He knew his stuff and I’m still using the programme he has. I would use him for more training but it needs to be a package so no go."

Andrew Oh

“Nick was my fitness trainer from November 2010 to June 2013 while I was working in Singapore. Nick helped devised a fitness program that was tailored specifically for my fitness needs and goals.

Nick helped me reach my fitness goals and worked with me to establish a sustainable fitness and nutrition program in support of a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy with the results.

Nick is very knowledgeable on all aspects of personal fitness and I am confident that Nick can help anyone - at any level - reach their fitness goals.”

Ihsan Mulia Putri

"Working out with Nick has been fun and effective. After delivering my fourth child, Nick has helped me get back into shape in a relatively short period of time. The pace and techniques were just right. His patience and attention to individual needs have made me develop an interest in working out. His programs were easy to follow and tailored towards my needs and goal. The result was so visible that my friends commented how quickly I got back into shape. Nick has helped me develop the interest to work out despite very hectic work demand. Now, working out has become part of my lifestyle."


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