What We Offer

Personal Training (Individual/Buddy/Group)

Get trained according to your own needs. The program should suit you, not the other way around. Every individual is different, why should your training be the same?

Objectives include:

✅ Weightloss

✅ Muscle Building

✅ Wedding Preparation

✅ Pre/post natal fitness

✅ Safe Pregnancy Fitness

✅ Injury Rehabilitation

✅ IPPT Preparation

Corrective Therapy for Pain Management

Manage your pain by getting to the root of the issue, treat your pain using natural ways instead of being dependant of medication or worse, surgery! Treatment options include:

✅ Sports Massage

✅ Dry Needling

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

✅ Fascia Flossing

✅ Stretching (PNF, Active, Passive)

✅ Neuromuscular activation

If you are in pain, the above-mentioned treatments options can help in the following:

✅ Reduce muscle pain, muscle soreness, tightness or joint stiffness

✅ Promote circulation and flexibility

✅ Drain away fatigue

✅ Speed up recovery

✅ Increase peak performance

✅ Prevent sport injury

Virtual Training

Achieve your fitness and health goals at your own convenience or even better, in your own home. We conduct effective and customised online training sessions for you to stay fit and motivated. Taking personal goals, learning styles and relevant medical/fitness records into consideration, you work 1-2-1 with your online coach to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your lifestyle.

Sports Conditioning

Sport specific programs: in-season, off-season, plyometrics, speed, agility, quickness, functional training, medicine balls, and so much more...

Strength and Conditioning

As an essential element of sporting success, strength and conditioning workouts are VITAL in helping you achieve optimal performance in your sport - regardless what sport you're engaged in! Engaging a Strength and Conditioning Coach can help YOU experience first-hand for yourself: the latest breakthrough techniques in training, and the most up-to-date conditioning practices and injury prevention methods.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehab is the key to recovering from sports injuries. A good sports injury rehab program ensures a faster return to activity.

Lifestyle/Fitness Assessment

Core Strength, Cardiovascular endurance, Stress levels, Lifestyle/Diet Assessment, Girth/Body Fat Percentage Measurement

Nutrition Planning

Sports nutrition and eating to fuel your workouts and improve sports performance can be complicated. In order to simplify the role of nutrition in sports performance, it's often easier to break it down into phases. Get the low-down on sports nutrition.

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